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Portable Building

A portable building is a great storage option. They can easily be moved from one location to another, although most people choose to leave them in place as an outdoor storage facility option.

What is it?

A portable building is a building that does not have a permanent foundation. It can easily be moved from one location to another, typically it will sit on top of a foundation but not a permanent foundation. Usually it is used as a way to store items and free up space in the main building.

How is it Constructed?

The building is typically constructed in a factory than brought to the site where it will be by truck. There is a kit that comes ready to be put together, the main components of the building are already put together they just need to be secured to the other parts of it. Usually with a kit the walls, ceiling, doors and floor are all ready put together and just need to be attached like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Most of the time a kit will come with step by step instructions and the parts are either numbered, lettered of color coded to make for easy assembly.

The Cost

The cost will vary depending on the size and style. A kit will save a few hundred dollars over a prefab. Typically expect to pay at least five hundred dollars. That figure can climb way up easily to over ten thousand dollars. It all depends on how much square footage is available and how many extras are available on the portable building.


Whether a portable building has been purchased as a prefab unit or comes in a kit there will be a certain amount of installation involved. With the prefab unit the building will still have to be secured so it does not blow down and of course if it comes from a kit will have to be constructed and then installed. The installation will be a multi person job and will take the most of a day to install. It is important to read all the instructions are read. The correct tools will also make the job easier. A power drill with a Philips screwdriver bit will be helpful, a measuring tape, a hammer and safety goggles are a good idea.

A portable building is a great storage option.

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